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From these testimonials, you can see the positive results my clients experience with acupuncture!

  • 5-stars Janet Barrows is a kind and skillful acupuncturist; I am a client of hers and always find my sessions with her to be restful and rejuvenating. She is excellent at placing the needles without any discomfort, and I always feel better when l leave her office than when I came in. This is the true test of any practitioner. I especially value Janet’s careful listening and her ability to assess what treatment will be helpful at that time; she always takes her time, giving me all the attention I need. She is adaptable, finding different ways to coax my body into greater health and well-being. I highly recommend Janet to anyone seeking relief from physical ailments and mental stresses; I have seen many acupuncturists over my 71 years — and she is one of the best! —SR
  • 5-stars I take leaving reviews very seriously. I found Janet Barrows through first a web search then I did my homework researching her. On paper (or computer screen) she seemed like a good fit for me. Well, I have to say that after meeting her in person, and within five minutes of my first treatment, I can not recommend Janet Barrows enough. She is kind, knowledgeable, professional, gentle and very helpful above and beyond anything I could have expected. She has helped me with pain management, hormone balancing and we are also working on my overall health and well being. I leave her office feeling like a new person each and every time. Five stars is just not enough from me. She has definitely added tremendously to my overall wellbeing and comfort. —PS
  • 5-stars I would like to personally give my best of reviews to Janet Barrows, Acupuncturist. Janet has such a gentle touch and a kindness that comes from within her heart as she treats her patients. I have never felt such compassion and genuine care for my health needs. You will be well taken care of by Janet. —IR
  • 5-stars I rarely review anything, but when I am provided with excellent service, I feel compelled to do so. When I went to see Janet Barrows, for different health issues, she provided a clear, comprehensive, holistic assessment and made recommendations including diet, exercise, nutrition and Chinese herbs.  I had never had acupuncture before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but she immediately put me at ease.  I was so relaxed and at peace following the session that it was difficult to motivate myself to get up to leave!  Janet is calm, professional and caring.  I’m going to follow through on her recommendations, and look forward to my next treatment. —JB
  • 5-stars Janet is a gentle, caring soul who brings a nurturing healing touch to her treatments.  Her special blend of medical qigong and acupuncture draws me into a deep state of healing.  I enjoy a monthly preventive session to fine tune my energy flow and sink into bliss.  Janet is one in a million! —LF
  • 5-stars Janet Barrows helped me with rotator cuff problem that was causing a lot of pain and stiffness on one side of my neck, shoulder and upper arm.  I got a lot of relief just after the first session. Those needles are magic.  I barley felt her put  them in.  In a few sessions the pain is gone and my range of motion is  good.  And a nice side effect is that my sleep is better.  She is great.  Recommend her highly. —JP
  • 5-stars I had never had acupuncture before. I visited Janet’s studio for  tennis elbow. After the first treatment I started to feel relief. After three treatments I was throwing the baseball with my son again. I recommend acupuncture and Janet Barrows. She is very kind, caring, and knowledgeable. Her studio is clean and very relaxing. —GK
  • 5-stars I had the extraordinary privilege of being a client of Janet Barrows. My plantar fascitis was diminished in a few short weeks to the point of my climbing Machu Pichu and other glorious sites in June, due to Janet’s amazing healing touch. I highly recommend her to you.  —BD
  • 5-stars Chronic pain and several digestive issues led me to acupuncture. After my very first acupuncture and qi gong treatment with Janet, my body felt relieved and comforted.  Pain was lessened. After only a few sessions, a lengthy and persistent physical problem was solved. I gratefully acknowledge this physical change to Janet , who has the heart and the hands of a healer.  —CL
  • 5-stars I can’t thank you enough for the freedom you have given me.  For the first time in ages, I flow all the way through—no blockages, no baggage, and pain? What pain? I have never felt this kind of energy, something I’ve always wanted, but thought I would never find. A new me.  —LG
  • 5-stars I went to Janet for my first experience with acupuncture, with no particular aches or pains, but lingering stress and unease, and I quickly became a convert. I leave treatments feeling relaxed and “together.” I’m so impressed with her gentle, focused and observant way. I go to Janet regularly for treatments now for a monthly tuneup that restores my energy and keeps me feeling good.  —LPB