From these reviews, you can see the positive results my clients experience with acupuncture. I really appreciate everyone who posts a review on Yelp or Google to share your experience!

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Elvia O. AvatarElvia O.

5 star rating Amazing!! Janet has been great with my back, after 2 cortisone shots, I decided to try her services and now I'm walking with no pain, she provided me great relief with acupuncture. She is the best! - 9/23/2019 

Megan S. AvatarMegan S.

5 star rating Janet is an amazing acupuncturist! She is kind and caring and genuinely wants to know what's going on in your life to better your session.

I came in with chronic migraines that were an almost daily occurrence. After sessions with...
read more - 5/15/2019 

shana r. Avatarshana r.

5 star rating Janet Barrows is a kind and skillful acupuncturist; I am a client of hers and always find my sessions with her to be restful and rejuvenating. She is excellent at placing the needles without any discomfort, and I always feel... read more - 2/19/2018 

AJ A. AvatarAJ A.

Suffering with piriformis syndrome for several months, I felt as if a machete was continually slicing through my back muscles and glutes, tearing into my sciatic nerve, while the nerve endings in my calf and ankle left me feeling as... read more - 12/29/2017 

Erick Z. AvatarErick Z.

5 star rating Janet was simply amazing. I had some doubts about the acupuncture treatment as I have never had it done before. From the beginning Janet listened to me and made me feel very welcomed. She even waited for me until after... read more - 11/30/2017 

david H. Avatardavid H.

Janet Barrows. WOW, WOW, WOW..If you had told me five years ago that I would be receiving acupuncture I'd have looked at you as if you had two heads and were from a planet outside our galaxy. ... read more - 6/27/2017 

Grace L K. AvatarGrace L.

5 star rating For the last few years, I had been suffering from multiple ailments stemming from C5 & L5 disc herniations. I had attempted every possible type of medically prescribed treatment available in be form of: epidurals, trigger points, Botox (for freezing... read more - 10/14/2016 

Cassie T. AvatarCassie T.

I have been seeing Janet for approximately 9 months. I would like to thank her for alleviating what could have become a much more serious health issue. Through regular treatments, my health and emotional balance was restored. I highly recommend... read more - 8/01/2016 

Ann B. AvatarAnn B.

5 star rating Janet Barrows is a highly effective, skilled and knowledgable practitioner who is also deeply intuitive, kind and caring. I came to her because my nervous system was in shreds and terribly reactive since the sudden loss of two of... read more - 7/29/2016 

Linda P. AvatarLinda P.

5 star rating I injured my back while gardening. It was one of those times when nothing specific happened, but after coming inside I could hardly move - sitting or lying down was extremely painful. I contacted Janet Barrows and fortunately she was... read more - 3/04/2016 

Rob M. AvatarRob M.

5 star rating I had been in constant pain from a sciatic pain issue for 3 months. I got in touch with Janet and she advised me that this type of issue could take up to 3 treatments and she could take... read more - 1/17/2016 

Sam R. AvatarSam R.

Like a lot of people, I had some trepidation about acupuncture. Janet Barrows made my visit so relaxing, I was completely at ease. She has a calming, centered presence about her and is fantastic at her art. ... read more - 9/17/2015 

Sam Rose AvatarSam R.

Like a lot of people, I had some trepidation about acupuncture. Janet Barrows made my visit so relaxing, I was completely at ease. She has a calming, centered presence about her and is fantastic at her art. ... read more - 9/17/2015 

Joanna R. AvatarJoanna R.

5 star rating Janet Barrows' calm and caring presence relaxes you from the moment you enter her office. She takes time with you to really understand your symptoms and plan her treatment. She is gentle and effective. I have been to numerous acupuncturists... read more - 9/16/2015 

Katie G. AvatarKatie G.

Janet Barrows is the best! She has helped me with pain relief, stress, and illnesses like cold and flu. She is so caring and really takes the time to listen and help. She is dedicated to her profession,... read more - 9/15/2015 

Dolores B. AvatarDolores B.

I have only been to an acupuncture treatment twice and on my second visit Janet made a special trip to the office on a Saturday just to help me out. She is a loving and warm hearted person and she... read more - 2/16/2015 

Kristen W. AvatarKristen W.

5 star rating Janet has had a tremendous impact on my life. I get immediate pain and stress relief from my visits. Janet makes me feel completely taken care of and safe during treatment. She is no less than amazing at her job,... read more - 10/27/2014 

Eliz G. AvatarEliz G.

5 star rating I would like to personally give my best of reviews to Janet Barrows, Acupuncturist, Santa Rosa, CA. I cannot recommend Janet Barrows enough. She is kind, knowledgeable, professional, gentle and very helpful above and beyond anything I could have expected.... read more - 7/31/2014 

Katie G. AvatarKatie G.

5 star rating I highly recommend Janet! Amazing person!! Her approach is gentle and she is really is invested in your health. You never feel rushed and always feel so taken care of. Her knowledge, experience , and passion for helping... read more - 3/07/2014 

Julie B. AvatarJulie B.

5 star rating I rarely review anything, but when I am provided with excellent service, I feel compelled to do so. When I went to see Janet Barrows, for different health issues, she provided a clear, comprehensive, holistic assessment and made recommendations... read more - 12/12/2013