Medical Qigong

Qi = Energy

Qigong energyThe term qigong means the skillful cultivation of qi, or energy. It describes a sequence of movements that a person can learn and practice themselves, helping them attain more vitality and health. It is very popular in China and is becoming increasingly well known in the West. At the center of qigong practice is a focus on breathing—deep belly breaths that are experienced quite differently from the shallower chest breathing that we commonly and unconsciously do yet seldom notice. Because the cells of the body depend upon food, water, and oxygen, the cultivation of abdominal breathing has many health benefits.

Combining Qigong with Acupuncture

Medical qigong is one of the four branches of traditional Chinese medicine, and I bring this training to my treatments.  It consists of specific techniques that use my knowledge of the body’s internal and external energy fields. If there is excess energy in an organ system, I use a purging technique.  If there is deficiency in a system, I tonify or build up that system.  Ultimately I am seeking to balance the energy in the body as a whole. This form of medical qigong is termed “Energetic Points Therapy”, because points are stimulated without using needles. And my clients love it! This addition to my treatments increases the effectiveness of the entire experience, with or without needles.

At the end of such treatments, I often teach my clients a self-regulation series of qigong movements, so that they are empowered to heal themselves and maintain vibrant health.

medical qigong, hands over patientHealth Benefits of Qigong

The health benefits, whether received in a treatment or practiced as part of daily living, include:

  • reducing depression
  • alleviating anxiety
  • improving sleep
  • lowering blood pressure
  • relieving chronic pain

Adding this protocol to acupuncture treatments is a distinction from the way many acupuncturists practice.  I overheard one client talking with her husband about the treatment for her low back pain that I had just administered, including medical qigong. She said,

“Wow! That was totally different.  Most acupuncturists throw the needles in and leave the room. Janet stayed with me the whole time, and I feel fantastic.” 

Needless to say, that made my day.

Allow me to make yours!