Juice Plus+ Nutrition

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables for Health!

Juice Plus+ for better nutritionIt has often been said that people would rather change their religion than change what they eat. This seems to be true, so I have curtailed my lectures on proper nutrition and simplified my message: Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Juice Plus+ for Better Nutrition

To assist my patients with their nutrition, in addition to prescribing herbs and herbal formulas, I distribute a product called Juice Plus+.  Knowing that we do not ever eat enough fruits and vegetables, especially since the American Cancer Society has upped the recommended number per day to 7 – 11 servings, I take Juice Plus+.

This and other videos on my Juice Plus+ website is far more convincing than anything I can add here. This is the most thoroughly researched nutritional product on the market todaywith numerous clinical studies conducted at universities and hospitals all over the world.

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I take Juice Plus+. My family takes Juice Plus+. I am hoping that all of my clients will take Juice Plus+, and most already do. These capsules are dehydrated and concentrated fruits and vegetables that are an addition to meals, taken twice a day. They are actually whole foods — not supplements or vitamins. The Juice Plus+ production process crushes and juices the entire organic plant before the gentle dehydration process begins.

Peer Reviewed Studies in Scientific Journals

Juice Plus journalsFrom peer-reviewed scientific journals such as The Journal of  the American College of Cardiology and Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, the studies show Cclearly that Juice Plus+:

  • reduces biomarkers of systemic inflammation
  • reduces oxidative stress
  • helps protect DNA
  • supports cardiovascular health
  • delivers antioxidants that are absorbed into our cells
  • supports a healthy immune system
  • supports healthy skin and gums

Capsules or Chewies? Contact Me to Start Juice Plus+

How could I not recommend this to everyone who comes into my office? It costs less than $1.50 a day—less than most cups of coffee or bottles of water these days, and it comes in capsules or chewies. Contact me to start changing your body through better nutrition!