Skeptical About Acupuncture?

I was, too!

I was just as skeptical about acupuncture as anyone else about my first visit to an acupuncturist. I had been getting too many colds and flu bugs during one particular year, and I was getting desperate. That first visit and subsequent visits turned around my health picture, and I became fascinated. Now I get just as delighted as my patients by the effectiveness of this gentle, natural pathway to healing. And  I love bringing this ancient practice to my community, family, and friends. They truly look forward to the treatments.

Chinese Medicine – A Different Model

We’re used to our Western physicians offering us medications and surgery to cure illness and injury. But Chinese Medicine is rooted in the belief that a person’s mind, spirit and body are not separable, and that diseases and injuries aren’t cured so much as people are cured.

Chinese Medicine has helped me, and millions of others over many centuries, regain vibrant health and energy. I am passionate about helping people restore their health and well-being, naturally. All of the treatment methods are safe and effective, and increasing numbers of doctors and patients are turning to this amazing alternative, when more Western methods are not providing desired results.

Endorsed by the World Health Organization

“Over its 2500 years of development, a wealth of experience has accumulated in the practice of acupuncture, attesting to the wide range of diseases and conditions that can be effectively treated with this approach. — World Health Organization

 See Treat Your Condition for a list of conditions that respond to acupuncture.