How to Stay Healthy in Autumn Weather

These Autumn Breezes As with all seasonal changes, some aspects of autumn weather are anticipated with pleasure and others are cause for worry. The summer heat lets up and there’s something to relish about the crisp autumn air, even in California where seasonal changes are more subtle. With the fall and cooler weather, we begin anticipating.. read more →

Chinese Medicine and the Common Cold

The Merck Manual describes the common cold as an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract, with inflammation in any or all airways, including the sinuses, throat, larynx, and often the trachea and bronchi. Fever and more severe symptoms such as aches, chills, sore throat, etc., are usually characteristics of the flu. Why doesn’t Western.. read more →

Cure for the Common Cold

Acupuncture has helped the Chinese population with the common cold and flu for over three thousand years, because a few carefully placed needles can nudge the body into a significant rise in immunity. Adding to that, some herbs have also been used for centuries to ward off colds and infections. “The common cold was cured.. read more →