Chinese Herbal Medicine

Combining Herbal Medicine with Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal MedicineThe purpose of Chinese herbal medicine is to help sustain the effects of the acupuncture treatments. These herbal formulas can either be brewed as a tea or taken in tablet or tincture form. They treat simple disorders, such as insomnia, or chronic and degenerative conditions, such as ulcerative colitis. Then once the body is back in balance, the herbs are no longer needed.

Natural Healing

The herbs come from the stems, roots, leaves, seeds, or flowers of hundreds of plants. You might be surprised to hear that they produce much faster results than vitamins or supplements, because these formulas address existing symptom patterns. A given formula contains between two and fifteen herbs.

Sources and Formulas

The herbs that I use in my practice are manufactured by American companies, using meticulous testing to insure the purity of the ingredients. My clients are getting excellent results from the Health Concerns formulas, manufactured in Oakland, and the Blue Poppy formulas from Colorado. Some of the formulas, like ColdQuell and AllerEase have become household names and are part of many western families’ medicine cabinets. There are also pediatric formulas that are flavored in a tincture with glycerine, so that children will take them! I frequently pick up the dried herbs at the Four Seasons’s herbal clinic for clients who want to brew their own herbal formula and drink it as a tea.

The product lines that are available contain formulas with high quality medicinal extracts, like Reishi and Cordyceps, that boost immunity and promote health.  During cold and flu season, I especially recommend the Health Concern’s product, Astra 8—a unique blend of astragalus and ginseng that fortifies us against those invasive viruses of the winter season.