Confidentiality & Privacy Notice

Your Health Information Is Strictly Confidential

Confidential patient recordAs a licensed health care provider, I am required by law to maintain and protect the confidentiality and privacy of your health information. You must give me written consent to waive this confidentiality. Exceptions to this rule are strictly limited to defined situations that include emergency care, public health, law enforcement activities, obtaining payment from third-party payers, and in consultation with other healthcare professionals. Any other disclosures for the purposes of treatment or payment will be made only after obtaining your consent.  Your rights to privacy regarding your protected health information:

  • You may request restrictions on your disclosures.
  • You may inspect and receive copies of your records within 30 days with a request.
  • You may request to view changes to your records.

If you have a concern about confidentiality, please ask me about it.