Before, During, & After Acupuncture Treatment

If you’ve never had an acupuncture treatment by Janet, knowing what to expect will probably help you feel more comfortable. Knowing how to prepare and care for yourself after your session will help your body make the most of your treatment.

Before Treatment

Have a little food in your stomach.

It is best not to receive acupuncture on an empty stomach.  However, do not eat a heavy meal before or after the session.  Also, refrain from using caffeine or alcohol for several hours before and after the treatment.

Please do not brush your tongue.
The color and texture of the tongue coating are important diagnostic clues in Oriental Medicine.

Wear comfortable, loose clothes to your appointment.
We may need to roll up sleeves and pants to the knees and elbows.  For back treatments, I’ll provide you with a gown.

Patient intake form
It’s helpful if you can complete our Patient intake form (PDF or DOC) before arriving for your appointment, or if not, please be prepared to provide the information requested.

Please have your insurance coverage for acupuncture verified before your appointment. See Payment and Insurance for details.

During Treatment

Health Evaluation
At your initial appointment, I will conduct a detailed evaluation.  Using the principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine, I will identify causes associated with your individual condition.  After determining your diagnosis, I develop a treatment plan incorporating an acupuncture prescription, herbs or supplements, and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

The procedure

  • Janet Barrows Acupuncture | ginkgo leafSterile, superfine needles are placed at points that correspond to your specific needs.
  • The needles are about the thickness of three hairs, are used only once and are disposed of immediately, following your treatment.
  • You will feel a light tap when the needles are applied.  After a moment, you may feel warmth, heaviness, tingling or pressure around the needle.  These sensations are normal and desirable.
  • Common reaction
    Acupuncture promotes marked relaxation such that most people fall asleep during the treatment.
  • Length of a session
    A typical follow-up appointment lasts about 1 hour and includes time to talk about your progress as well as receive an acupuncture treatment.
  • Length of treatment
    Each person and medical condition respond to treatment at a different pace.  Acute conditions usually can be treated within 6-12 sessions, and chronic conditions can often take longer.  I will provide you with an estimate based on your health issues after the initial consultation.

After Treatment

Feeling good!
It is very common to experience a feeling of general well-being afterward.

Allow your body some time to rest.
Your body is still going through a physiological rebalancing process. To maximize the treatment effect, take time to relax and avoid vigorous exercise for several hours after the treatment, and drink plenty of water to assist in your healing.

If you catch a cold or flu, please stop your herbs.
Call me immediately so that I can prescribe an herbal formula that will specifically treat your cold/flu — I have very effective remedies.