15 Nov 2013

Because acupuncture and herbal formulas are being used to treat more and more of our modern illnesses and deep systemic disorders, I find myself continually amazed at the results that this profession is obtaining.  This latest example, published in our professional newspaper, Acupuncture Today, took my breath away.  The title is “Beating Tourette’s, Gaining Life”, from the November edition, 2013.  The subtitle is: “Miss Arizona Credits Acupuncture with Helping Her Win Her Life Back”.

Treating Tourette’s Syndrome with Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

The story describes the life journey of the lovely Miss Arizona, who was a normal kid growing up in Arizona until the age of ten. At that tender age, Jennifer Smestad’s young world changed as a nervous-system disorder, Tourette’s, began ravaging her brain and her life.  She was plagued by head jerks and facial tics that were uncontrollable, leading to ridicule and bullying throughout her teenage life.  Her parents took her to every known specialist, and she tried many medications, none of which worked.  On the brink of trying brain surgery, a family friend referred her to an acupuncturist in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Her desperation to “try anything that might help” fueled this leap of faith, despite her misgivings about needles and knowing nothing about the world of Chinese Medicine.  To quote Jennifer: “I had been given so many prescription drugs—lots of them.  Nothing worked.  I was willing to try acupuncture because I knew it was natural and I was exhausted.”

The acupuncturist treated Jennifer three times a week, and prescribed two Chinese herbal formulas.  After only two months of treatment, Jennifer was 70% better.  After three months, she was 90% better.  The ticking ceased, and her anxiety level dropped, replaced by a newfound confidence.  A month later, she was 100% better, and now sees her acupuncturist every other month just for tune-ups.

Bidding a resounding GOODBYE to the misery of her teenage years, Jennifer began competing in beauty pageants, winning the title of Miss Arizona for 2013.  Now she shares her story about the success of acupuncture and herbs with anyone who will listen.  Her platform for her year with this title is awareness of Tourette’s syndrome and spreading the message of natural cures such as acupuncture.  She concludes by stating:

“I have been able to inspire others to try acupuncture,
and that’s what it’s been really all about—inspiring others, giving others hope. “

How exciting!

About the Author

Janet Barrows has a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA. She is a California State Licensed Acupuncturist (L. Ac.) practicing acupuncture in Santa Rosa, CA. Her practice includes acupuncture, natural herbs, facial rejuvenation, nutrition, and medical qigong.